In planta sensing technologies for Agriculture 4.0

Project Title: In plant sensing technologies for Agriculture 4.0

Project Description: Sensing technologies are the basic perception layer of the so called “Agriculture 4.0”, a novel and fast-growing agricultural revolution playing a promising role in enhancing sustainable farming. There is a need for a more efficient real-time in planta sensing technology to enable a continuous analysis that enables an early-stage stress detection thus an early-solving intervention that lead to a yield increase without compromising environmental resources. Although many approaches have been used, these methods have some drawbacks (eg. weak specificity, expensive or not suitable for continuous monitoring).

The main goal of this PhD project is to develop an electrical sensor, mainly noninvasive, selective to detect specific plant stress and biocompatible relying on specific materials.

Project Funding:
The project is co-funded by Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

For more information please contact Saleh Hamed.