Manuela Ciocca

Manuela Ciocca

Faculty of Engineering

Dominikanerplatz 3 - piazza Domenicani, 3

Short Biography

Manuela Ciocca graduated in Medical Engineering from University of Rome Tor Vergata in October 2016, she defended master's thesis about developing and testing organic semiconducting polymers or hybrid thin films and their possible interfacing with retinal system to develop Artificial Retinas.
In 2016, she started her PhD in Electronic Engineering. She worked one year (2nd year of PhD) at University of Surrey (UK) on the development of an inkjet printed polymeric Artificial Retina (project funded by Lazio Region-TORNOSUBITO programme). She got her PhD in July 2020 defending her thesis in “Conjugated polymer photosensitive platforms for Artificial Retina and light control of living cells”. She won the ITWIIN (Italian Women Inventor&Innovator) Awards-Special Mention MaterialConneXion-Best Innovative woman 2016, and the EIWIIN (European International Women Inventors&Innovators) Special Recognition Award 2017 for ingenious and innovative achievements.
In the past she has worked for ISATEL SRL on the design and development of a multi-functional medical device for physiotherapy and post-traumatic rehabilitation.
Currently she is a postdoctoral researcher at unibz-Sensing technologie Lab.

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