AT-NE-ST (Discovering Complexity: Advanced Technology for Narrative Education and System Thinking)

Project Title: AT-NE-ST (Discovering Complexity: Advanced Technology for Narrative Education and System Thinking)

Project Duration: 09/2020 – 09/2023

Project Description: The project aims to respond to the lack of schools in science and technology education by developing and testing didactic materials and vertical paths about complex phenomena, employing the newest and more advanced devices in the field of printed electronics. It involves the didactic and pedagogic competences of Federico Corni of the Faculty of Education and the scientific and technological competences of Paolo Lugli of the Faculty of Science and Technology at UNIBZ. The underlying pedagogical idea is the introduction of complexity and system thinking into school from the very beginning, from kindergarten to lower secondary school, using a narrative approach supported by an innovative technological platform. Due to the wide range of age (3 to 14 years old), in which pupils undergo strong and important changes in their way of feeling and thinking, the project will differentiate materials and paths according to the pupils’ levels of understanding. Starting from the idea that direct physical and linguistic experience is the way young pupils discover the world, we envisage the possibility that technologies can be used directly by pupils, who will build their own playing (and therefore learning) platform and experience the world of complexity via the interaction of their body with the electronic elements that they have created and assembled.The project will last three years and will result in the production of some prototype for novel validated didactic technological suitcases, on the model of the Max’s Worlds of MultiLab in Bressanone, with self-explanatory teacher guides and instructions, produced in Italian and German languages. These materials will be made available to teachers and to schools, as well as to courses and laboratories of the Mater Degree in Primary Education and possible Masters for secondary school teachers.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Paolo Lugli

Project Collaborators:
Prof. Federico Corni
Faculty of Education - University of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy

Funding Agency: UNIBZ ID Call 2020

For more information please contact Dr. Soufiane Krik.