Senslab (Sensing Laboratory)

Project Title: Senslab (Sensing Laboratory)

Project Duration: 01/2018 – 01/2021

Project Description: The aim of the project is to create a laboratory focused on the production and characterization of physical, chemical and biological sensors for environmental monitoring. The lab is divided into three different functional areas: one for the production of sensors, one for the synthesis and deposition of nanomaterials and one for the assembly of sensors in more complex electronic modules. The structures created in this way can be used for fundamental research in the field of nanomaterials and at the same time for the actual production of sensors that can be used directly in precision agriculture and in the monitoring of health processes as well as production processes.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Paolo Lugli

Project Collaborators: NOI Techpark, Bolzano, Italy

Funding Agency: EFRE FESR 2014-2020

For more information please contact Prof. Luisa Petti and Dr. Enrico Avancini.