Smart Textiles for Monitoring Muscle Activity (STEX Project)

Project Title: “STEX - Smart textile for monitoring muscles activity”

Project Duration: 01/2019 – 01/2022

Project Description: STEX is a project focused on the development of wearable sensors for real-time monitoring of physical activity. The main aim of STEX is monitoring high-performance muscle activity in cycling and running training, using non-invasive and non-obtrusive sensors coupled with internet-of-things type connectivity for data acquisition, processing, and storing. The project´s objectives are based on the development and employment of sensors capable of perceiving different parameters of the muscle activity and that can be correlated with the exercise intensity: the respiratory rate, detected by wearable strain sensors or equivalent technique, and the sweat ammonia, measured by using both polymeric electro-chemical biosensors, gas sensors, and optical-based methods. The project is also aiming at comparatively analyzing the performance and the reliability achieved using the different approaches.

The activities that the Sensing Technologies Laboratories is carrying out within the STEX project are mainly related to the design of printed wearable sensors able to monitor the respiratory rate, and electro-chemical and gas sensors for the ammonia detection in both gas and liquid phase.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Paolo Lugli

Project Collaborators:
Dr. Federico Gori, Dr. Alessandra Scarton
Microgate Srl, Bolzano, Italy

Funding Agency: EFRE FESR 2014-2020

For more information, please visit the official website of STEX or contact Dr. Martina Costa Angeli and Mattia Petrelli.