Enrico Avancini

Dr. Enrico Avancini

+39 0471 17842

Faculty of Engineering

Dominikanerplatz 3 - piazza Domenicani, 3

Short Biography

Enrico Avancini is a technologist since January 2020, working mainly on the management of laboratories. Prior to that, he conducted postdoctoral research (AR) at the Sensing Technologies Lab of Unibz, mainly working on nanotechnologies-based printed sensors. As a doctoral student (ETH Zurich, 2015-2019), he worked on the deposition and characterization of CIGS solar cells at Empa (Dübendorf, Switzerland), and obtained the title of Dr. sc. ETH Zurich in 2019. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Physics (FU Berlin, 2014) and conducted his master thesis activities at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (2013-2014). He holds a Bachelor´s degree in Physics (University of Trento, 2012).

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