PhD1 2021

The Sensing Technology Laboratory of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and the Micro Nano Facility group (Sensor and Device center) of the Bruno Kessler Foundation are opening a fully funded PhD position on “Innovative printed nanomaterial for selective gas sensing applications”, for the recruiting of a brilliant young researcher.


The PhD project aims at the investigation of innovative functional nanomaterials towards the selective detection of gaseous compounds. The combined use of microfabrication process, silicon functionalization and solid-state gas sensor technology enables a new breakthrough approach in the development of high-performing gas sensing devices, useful for different applications such as indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, precision farming and medical screening.


Advanced nanostructured materials can be exploited both to improve the gas sensor performance, and to develop innovative gas monitoring tool, such as monolithic micro-gas chromatographs. These innovative gas monitoring systems requires an interdisciplinary investigation into the operating principles of the gas chromatographic technique. The synergistic effect of the system fluid dynamics, combined with the chemistry of surface interactions, represents the basis of this technology.  In particular, the chemistry of heterogeneous solid-gas and/or liquid-gas interactions play a key role in the separation and detection of the analyzed molecules. The adequate functionalization with polar or non-polar stationary phases of the pre-concentrator and of the chromatographic microcolumn, developed by means of silicon microfabrication techniques, is crucial to obtain an adequate separation of the analytes. Likewise, the development and deposition of specific nanostructured materials, which act as an active sensing layer in the sensing platform, enables the detection of previously separated compounds.

The 3-year collaborative research activity will be carried out at both the Sensing Technology Laboratory of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and the Micro Nano Facility group (Sensor and Device center) of the Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento (Italy) within the PhD Program “Advanced-Systems Engineering”, under the joint supervision of Prof. Luisa Petti, Prof. Paolo Lugli (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) and Dr. Andrea Gaiardo (Bruno Kessler Foundation)


The candidates are requested to have a Master’s Degree either in Engineering (Biomedical, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials), Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, or Materials Science.


The successful candidate is enthusiastic in tackling challenging studies in a multidisciplinary and visionary field and is naturally interested in applications of newly acquired knowledge. He/she is fluent in English.


More information on the PhD program can be found here.

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Complete applications need to be submitted directly here, explicitly stating the interest for this program and this specific position.


Incomplete applications not strictly adhering to the application guidelines will not be considered.



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