Raheel’s Project

Project Title: Smart Wearable Device for Mountain Sports and Rescue Activities

Project Description:

The recent achievements in flexible electronics have made it possible to integrate the modular sensors and actuators in the form of smart wearables. The applications of such smart wearables vary from controlling (prosthetics) to monitoring (vital signs) purpose. The use of smart wearables has been discussed in sports and rescuing activities. The issue with such smart wearables is its energy requirement. While batteries can limit the duration of working, we need to find out the ways to make the wearable self-sufficient on its energy needs. This project in collaboration with EURAC Research is mainly focused to develop flexible and integrate-able energy harvesting and energy storing devices.  This will be done by performing the following tasks:

  • Developing an energy harvesting device based on Triboelectric phenomenon
  • Energy storing devices based on flexible super-capacitors
  • Integrating the devices with sensors in a smart wearable

Project Collaborators:
Dr. Abraham Meija Aguilar, Center for Sensing Solutions, EURAC Research
Roberto Monsorno, Center for Sensing Solutions, EURAC Research

Project Funding:
The project is funded by Eurac Research.

For more information please contact Raheel Riaz and Prof. Luisa Petti.