Electrochemical biosensors for food toxicant detection

Project Title: The Development of Flexible Dispense-Printed Electrochemical Biosensor for Aflotoxin M1 Detection.

Project Description: The project aims at the development of low-cost electrochemical biosensor for the detection of food toxicants (Mycotoxin, Heavy Metals and Antibiotic residuals) from food products. It mainly involves the following activities:

  • Development of electrochemical, ion-selective membrane and molecularly imprinted polymer based biosensors.
  • Detection of mycotoxin (AFM1 and OTA), heavy metal and antibiotic residuals from different food sources on a real-time basis.
  • Low and improved limit of detection, high sensitivity and selectivity due to use of specific antibodies and selective membrane using nanomaterials.

Biosensor Fabrication Process

Project Collaborators:
Dr. Almudena Rivadeneyra, Department of Electronics and Computer Technology, University of Granada, Spain.

Project Funding:
The project is funded by Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

For more information please contact Biresaw Debelash Abera.